In Battle Bunny a kid named Alex takes his pencil to a sweet book about a rabbit’s surprise birthday party and turns it into a story about an evil bunny’s plot to take over the world.


star A hilarious and transgressive story with a clear message:

Don’t suffer schlock.

-Publishers Weeklystarred review

star An enthusiastically taboo, devil-may-care outing … and a great writing inspiration to use on old books headed for the bin.

-Kirkus Reviewsstarred review

star Scieszka, Barnett, and Myers invite children to take an active role in the story and to think critically about the choices author and artist make.

-Shelf Awareness, starred review

star A perfect book to give independent readers who are looking for something a little different.

-School Library Journal, starred review

star Just about everything explodes.

-Booklist, starred review

star An honest reflection of the ways kids interact with books–in a way that’s accessible to kids themselves–as well as a complexly layered work of comic genius.

-Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, starred review

smudge-red It’s all very clever and even wise about the divide between

what grown-ups think kids should like and what they actually do,

but neither joke nor point can comfortably stretch to thirty-two pages,

and Birthday Bunny itself is a straw man, purpose-built to be defaced.

Still, expect this to be something of  a novelty hit !!!!!!!

among the man-children in your life.

-The Horn Book




This site gives you a chance to create your own bunny stories.

We also have a Battle Bunny lesson plan teachers can use in their classrooms.